Xmas 2013 with the Diffin women


What is this?

Floating in the darkness, ruminating,
Ascending and descending
The rungs of light

The headlights of I-95 in the swirling snow
Form wind driven walls, and the question
Finds its way

Walking tiptoe from flake to flake with
Words of Murakami’s Wind-up
Bird singing wonders of

This floating world: what is this?
Sustained solos of unknown
Sex dreamed of long ago

Long ago sustained by the cud
Of this question, the floating
Prison of Bassui’s desire

Become mine: the question
Blazing the path from
Pallid darkness

To deepest darkness and blackest
Night: the perfect negro shade
Of a soul burned clear

In endless wells of light.


— Dan Diffin, 2.17.2013


Thank you, Lord,
For the teachings

Of 2 a.m., when
Nausea deposes

Reason and only
This roiling now



— Dan Diffin 5.24.2005

Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais

Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais

Evening Chant

Let me respectfully remind you:
Life and death are of supreme importance.

Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost:
Each of us should strive to awaken.


Take heed: do not squander your life.


Mist on the river,
Early autumn morning. Still.
Spectral breath rising.

Bird Haiku #9

Dead tree swamp afloat

with lotus, rising thunder:

broad-winged birds a-start.


Speaking in Tongues

He is the original chatterbox. She speaks with the precision of arcane Mathematical formulae:

1 & 1 = 1

2 & 2 = 4

0 & 1 = ∞

We whisper in the wind and roar surf wild in ears that are forever
Shut. They talk in vibrato tones of oscillating light: red orange
Yellow green blue and indigo.

Violet is kept hidden: a secret spoken of only in the innermost
Circle. You speak the words that no one can hear.

You all better listen now. This is God talking now, and the flow
Of words that are not words has no beginning
And no end.


— Dan Diffin 8/17/2013